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Enable the confident workplace with new Sign In Solutions' Campus

Learning Management System purpose-built to streamline training, accelerate onboarding, and support ongoing professional development in the modern workplace.

We get it. When business leaders buy technology, they often have concerns about the ease of adopting and administrating the new solution.

And rightfully so. Companies want to maximize the impact and ROI of the investments they make in technology. However, that can be difficult to do if a company doesn’t have leaders who know, understand, and master the technology well enough to take full advantage of it.

That’s why we built Campus, the ultimate learning management system for Sign In Solutions’ suite of products. Campus is the go-to tool for professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and stay ahead in the modern workplace. Campus is designed as a central resource for administrators, security and compliance professionals, facility managers and more to master the art of reducing risk, optimizing employee engagement and welcoming visitors efficiently.

New to some and improved to others, Campus brings expert-led lessons in convenient, self-paced courses for all Sign In Solutions products, including:

Visitor management

Reimagine the sign in experience for visitors, contractors, employees and everyone else.

Sign In App logo

Quick and easy visitor management straight out of the box. Try it free for 15 days.

Sign In Enterprise logo

Built for the most complex, demanding environments. Work with our specialist team.

Compliance & approvals

Navigate complex compliance frameworks, as well as contractual, legal and regulatory security obligations.

Sign In Compliance logo

An enterprise efficiency and automation platform focused on security compliance.

Sign In Central Record logo

The secure and simple solution for schools to stay ahead, stay notified & stay compliant.

Appointment booking

Makes even the most complex scheduling processes seamless and reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

Sign In Scheduling logo

The customizable scheduling tool that saves you time & scales with your organization.

“The vision of Sign In Solutions is to deliver the next generation of visitor management, driving efficiency, visibility and seamless security and compliance across more than 18,000 customer sites worldwide,” says Tammy Daigle, Chief Customer Officer of Sign In Solutions. “Campus is an additional tool in your arsenal to more efficiently educate employees and take ownership of professional development. This is just the start of our ongoing mission to redefine safety and risk mitigation in the workplace.”

Key features that protect tomorrow’s workforce today

  • Certifications with high visibility: The certifications offered by Campus are uniquely identifiable and can be directly displayed on platforms like LinkedIn. This visibility adds credibility to the certified individuals and can create networking opportunities and career advancement prospects.

  • Convenient, self-paced learning: Campus offers the flexibility of self-paced learning, ensuring that learners can access the content at any time of the day and progress at their preferred speed. This convenience accommodates busy schedules and allows learners to balance their work and learning commitments effectively.

  • Personalized learning paths: No two learners are the same, and Campus acknowledges this by offering personalized learning paths. Learners can choose their path/product, focusing on the areas that align with their interests and goals. This customization fosters a more engaging and meaningful learning experience.

  • Learn from industry experts: Campus is not just about self-learning; it offers lessons from industry experts who are product specialists from various business units. Their insights, practical tips and real-world experiences enrich the learning journey and give learners a well-rounded understanding of the solutions they are working with. The expertise of these professionals sets Campus apart as an exceptional tool.

  • Quick and effective lessons: Don’t worry - Campus has zero boring lectures. With an average lesson time of just 3 minutes, Campus optimizes the learning process, making it efficient and engaging. By breaking down the content into bite-sized pieces, learners can absorb information better and retain it more effectively.

  • Continued learning made easy: Can’t finish a lesson due to a work commitment? No problem. The ability to continue from where one left off ensures that learners can seamlessly pick up their learning journey, even after interruptions. This feature is particularly useful for employees who may have busy workdays and need the flexibility to revisit the content as needed.

  • Accessible and mobile-friendly: With full closed captions and transcripts, Campus ensures that learners can access the content easily, regardless of their hearing abilities or learning preferences. Moreover, the platform's mobile-friendly design enables learners to continue their education on the go, making learning a seamless part of their lives.

  • Global availability: Sign In Solutions' Campus is accessible 24/7 across all time zones, making it convenient for learners worldwide to engage with the platform. It bridges geographical barriers, allowing learners to access top-notch training and expertise, no matter where they are located.

  • Enhanced searchability with transcripts: The inclusion of full transcripts not only enhances accessibility but also enables learners to search for specific keywords within the content. This functionality proves invaluable, especially for longer webinars or in-depth videos, allowing learners to find the exact information they need quickly.

  • Best practices and ROI: Over time, Campus will help individual customers optimize based on best practices and facilitate measuring ROI. Sign In Solutions intends to aggregate and anonymize returns, as well, so customers can understand what’s possible. We believe this will help each customer fully utilize the full capabilities of each solution.

  • New courses for new features: We’re always improving our solutions and adding exciting new features that enhance the experience for our customers. Campus serves as your go-to source for training on new product updates and integrations so you can begin leveraging them for your organization whenever you’re ready.

So, whether you're a potential customer evaluating the best workplace visitor and workplace management solutions for your organization, a new customer in onboarding, or an existing customer looking to upgrade your skills, Campus will empower you and your team to learn and operate efficiently.

To unlock the next level of workplace safety and optimization for your organization and prove your own mastery of Sign In Solutions, register for Campus today

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