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Compliance & approvals

Confident compliance

As we all navigate the shifting risk landscape of a rapidly changing world, the demands of ensuring compliance while keeping people safe can be overwhelming. Fortunately, automation, workflows and smart integrations can ease this burden.

A people-centric approach

People can make or break a compliance program. By focusing on collaboration, automation and keeping things simple, an effective compliance solution can give people precious time back.

Automation and workflows

Work smarter, not harder

Replace spreadsheets, databases and mismatched point solutions with real automation and workflow tools. Check your compliance overview at a glance and ensure there are no gaps. Compliance solutions can save you and your team time and ensure accuracy, all with minimal cost or effort.

Record Management

Everything in one place

Bring your existing records up to date, get organized and manage security compliance with ease. Whether you're undergoing inspection, audits or generating reports for yourself or others, our compliance solutions provide you with the flexibility to see and understand your data in the way you need.

Visitor Management

Advanced approvals

Beyond the regulatory requirements, there’s a critical component of compliance that an integrated solution can deliver - safety. By connecting compliance systems to your visitor management platform, you can ensure everyone crossing the threshold has the correct credentials, has passed safety checks and is approved prior to arrival.

Sign In Compliance dramatically transformed the efficiency of our compliance program by enhancing collaboration within our team and shaving time off of every Belcan employee’s daily security tasks.
Chuck HeltonFSO at Belcan Government Services

Compliance & Approvals

The right solution for you

Sign In Central Record is our compliance solution designed specifically for schools, while Sign In Compliance helps businesses and large organizations navigate complex compliance frameworks, as well as contractual, legal and regulatory security obligations.

The last security & compliance platform you’ll ever need.

Standardize security processes

Automate security & compliance workflows

Extract and visualize your data

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Single Central Record for schools, made simple.

In-built statutory pre-employment checks

Integrated Enhanced DBS and social media checks

Automate manual tasks

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