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Visitor Management

Elevated experiences

Whether you’re an external visitor getting your first impression of an organization, or an employee signing in for the 10th time that week, the experience you have matters. Visitor management improves safety and reduces risk, but can also deliver the wow factor.

A wow experience for visitors and employees

With the visitor book firmly relegated to the recycling bin, it’s time to reimagine the sign in experience for visitors, contractors, employees and everyone else. Keep an accurate record of who’s signed in and reinforce your brand.

Visitor Management

A great first impression

Your visitor’s experience starts from the very first invite. Pre-register details and send a QR code to make it easy for them to sign in on arrival. Include important information about their visit and customize all communications with your own branding. On arrival, ensure all relevant policies and agreements are signed, and notify the guest’s host.

Safety and compliance

Safer workplaces

Real-time evacuation lists can save lives in the event of an emergency, while pre-registration approvals can ensure everyone crossing the business threshold has the right credentials and safety checks. Watch lists and block lists can prevent undesirables from entering facilities and customizable badge printing ensures everyone has signed in.

Privacy and security

Using data responsibly

Having total control of your data is more important than ever. Personal, identifiable data is inevitably captured during any sign in process. Visitor management systems help you balance holding critical information in the interests of safety and reporting, while respecting and maintaining the privacy of your guests.

The paper log book was impossible to audit. Sign In Enterprise takes the pressure off the receptionist. The whole visitor experience has become a lot more fluid.
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Visitor Management

The right solution for you

If you’re a large or complex organization with demanding needs around configurability, compliance and integration, we recommend you take a look at Sign In Enterprise. For the rest of us, Sign In App is the quick and easy way to roll out visitor, contractor and employee sign in, with all the safety and privacy options you’d expect.

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