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The next generation of visitor management tools arrives with new offering from Sign In Solutions

New acquisitions Sign In Central Record and Sign In Scheduling integrated into visitor management suite to improve productivity and reduce admin time

St. Petersburg, FL (June 1, 2023) – Sign In Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based visitor management and risk mitigation software, has today announced a major update to its flagship application, Sign In App. It integrates the visitor management app with its recently-acquired sister products, Sign In Central Record and Sign In Scheduling, adding layers of compliance management and appointment scheduling.

Sign In App is a digital sign-in tool that manages visitors and contractors across sites like schools, offices, and sports grounds. The solution uses digital sign-in screens alongside a companion app to manage visitor registration, safety checks and record-keeping.

By integrating Sign In Scheduling, the Sign In Solutions suite now offers new and existing customers seamless booking experiences, improving productivity and reducing admin time. The added synergy between the products means appointments made through Sign In Scheduling automatically pre-register with the site sign-in tool, creating a fluid experience from the moment visitors book their appointment right through to coming onto site.

Through integrating Sign In Central Record, the suite adds heightened value to the many schools and college campuses already using Sign In App. Record offers a simple solution for maintaining a compliant Single Central Record in schools and will enable schools to reject sign-ins for visitors without relevant records - such as DBS Checks. In combination with Sign In App’s notifications feature, a rejected sign-in can trigger an alert to be sent to staff members for further action before the visitor is allowed onsite.

These latest integrations are part of Sign In Solutions' wider strategy and vision to create the next generation of visitor management tools. Sign in Central Record and Sign In Scheduling (previously SCR Tracker and 10to8) were the latest of six acquisitions made by the brand, backed by leading growth equity firm PSG, in just an 18-month period. Through acquiring established products in the visitor and site management space, Sign In Solutions aims to equip organizations with the end-to-end tools they need to provide more secure, seamless, and confident workplaces for everyone.

“The vision of Sign In Solutions is to deliver the next generation of visitor management, driving efficiency, visibility and seamless security and compliance across more than 18,000 customer sites worldwide,” says Jeff Gordon, CEO of Sign In Solutions. “While the acquisitions we’ve made in the last year and a half have been key to building out our capabilities, it’s through building seamless integrations and synergy between our products where we will unlock the real value for our customers. This is just the start of our ongoing mission to keep evolving our technology and build the single visitor management solution on the market.”

About Sign In Solutions

Sign In Solutions is an innovative workplace enablement partner that goes beyond traditional visitor management, combining the comprehensive software and real-time analytics modern organizations need to mitigate risk, elevate experiences, and empower people. Launched in 2021 with funding from PSG, Sign In Solutions acquired Sign In App, Sign In Enterprise (formerly Traction Guest), Sign In Compliance (formerly ThreatSwitch), Sign In Workspace (formerly Pronestor), Sign In Central Record (formerly SCR Tracker), and 10to8, expanding its reach to more than 60 countries and 17,000 sites worldwide. To learn more about Sign In Solutions, visit

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