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Sign In Solutions is the innovative workplace enablement partner that goes beyond traditional visitor management, guaranteeing a more secure, seamless, and confident workplace for everyone.

Comprehensive tools and real-time data, helping organizations mitigate risk, elevate experiences and empower people.

Innovative solutions trusted by global organizations

Intuitive technology that can keep remote and hybrid workforces effortlessly organized and running smoothly.

Visitor management made for the way workplaces work today. Better anticipate, plan for, and seamlessly welcome all visitors – from contractors and partners to students and potential employees.

Sign In Enterprise

Sign In Enterprise addresses complex workplace challenges associated with managing identity, access, and communication across multiple locations, geographies, visitor types, watchlists, compliance, regulatory requirements and beyond.

Built for enterprise

Smart integrations

Highly configurable

Global scalability

Enterprise security

Sign In App

The smart and safe way to sign in visitors, contractors, employees and everyone else. Sign In App enables organizations of all sizes to quickly implement a visitor management solution with the option to incorporate desk and meeting room booking.

Free 15-day trial

Simple set up

Buy online

Employee sign in

Spaces booking

Redefining safety and risk mitigation in the workplace through Visitor Management 2.0 (VM 2.0™)

The Sign In Solutions suite of products goes beyond visitor management, empowering organizations of all sizes to help lower risk, optimize employee engagement and welcome visitors efficiently.


ThreatSwitch is the Modern Security Compliance Workspace protecting against serious security risks and the costly administrative burden that distracts teams from their mission. ThreatSwitch provides safer, easier solutions that save time and money so security professionals can work smarter – not harder.

Customize workflows

Centralize data

Real-time analytics

Digital forms

Visit requests


Pronestor has pushed the boundaries for Workplace Technology, offering customers the latest, most intelligent solutions including desk booking, meeting scheduling, meeting room management, and analytical facility management insights.

Book desks

Schedule meetings

Data-driven insights

Outlook integration

Multi tenant / co-working

Sign In Scheduling

The customisable appointment scheduling tool that saves you time and scales with your business. 10to8 works for everyone, everywhere, powering appointments for time better spent.

Schedule appointments

Branded experience

Reduce admin time

Reduce no-shows

Secure and compliant

Sign In Central Record

The secure, compliant and simple solution for maintaining a Single Central Record in schools. Be ready for inspections and audits, stay notified ahead of regulation changes and check your compliance at a glance.

No gaps in records

Stay up to date

Simple & easy to use

Manage multiple sites

Save time with automation

Comprehensive software and real-time analytics

Our intuitive technology delivers a rich understanding and deep contextual view of data. These critical insights allow organizations to close gaps, look ahead, and confidently optimize for the future.

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